Artist Statement

As a native of the Pacific Northwest, I am influenced by the rhythms of water against land.  For me, a quiet, reflective walk along the shore is an exploration filled with discoveries—pools teeming with life, water-worn stones, wind-blown patterns in the sand, bits of tumbled glass, reflections and more. The essence of the shoreline nourishes my mind and spirit, and informs my art.

At the waters’ edge, I am intrigued by the contrast between easily seen exterior formations and elusive interior spaces.  As an artist, I draw upon these observations to create a parallel between my images and various themes of birth, growth and change.  My recent ceramic sculptures include geocentric and biomorphic forms which reference weathered stones, pods and tide pools.  Rough irregular exteriors are marked with fossils, petroglyphs, tracks and shells to indicate the passage of time and of life.  These pieces appear to be opened, revealing smooth interior layers of fluid color with crystalline formations, suggesting growth and transformation.  Watery pools of glass reflect light and reference a seed-like core, or life center’s potential for regeneration.

A rock or shell, overturned by tide or by the curious hand, can reveal a heart of surprising beauty.  This simple debris is suddenly transformed by its interaction with nature and man, to another level of existence.  This universal experience and dialog is an essential element of my work.

From my own personal expressions of nature, I invite viewers to engage in discoveries of their own; to have the reflective experience and involvement of a walk along the shore.

Donna Cole Resume


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